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The Department provides the best possible resources to staff and students to enable research, teaching and learning to occur effectively and ensure that the highest health and safety standards are achieved by:

Facilitating the professional development of members of the Department.
Continuing to develop the Department's existing space.
Ensuring that our Department possess the best quality equipment.
Ensuring that all aspects of the Department's facilities conform to the higest health and safety standards.


Body Donation
Body Donation is the donation of the whole body for research and education. It is useful for understanding the human body and for advancing science. The Anatomy department Embalmed these bodies, preserve them and use them for teaching Anatomy to the Medical Students. Following use of these cadavers, the remains are respectfully dumped in the Burial Ground as a source of skeletal material. In order to imbibe the students with the moral values, regarding the cadaver, Department has carried cadaveric oath ceremony so that students will hold the cadaver in high esteem as their First Teacher.


Number Two
Area 60 sqmt each 60 sqmt each
Capacity 75 -100 Students 75 Students
AV Aids required Available


Area 326
Capacity 180 Students
Lockers 165 Lockers
Wash basins 25
Embalming Room 12 Sq. Mt. (Embalming Machine - 2)
Storage Tanks 4 (One Cement - 5.25 Sq. mt.)
  (Two Fiber - 3.6 each
  (One Steel - 1.7 Sq. mt.)
Cold Storage Two(19.71 each)
  (Capacity 6 each)
Cadvers 7 dissected
  3 for routine dissected
  7 in tank
Skeleton 5 Artificial
  2 Original
Disarticulated Bones 10 in Dept.
  26 given to Students


Area 230
Capacity 90 Students
Preparation Room 18.28
Cupboard for Microscopes, Water tap Sinks, Electric Point
Microscope 91
Dissection Microscopes 5
Projection Microscope with camera 1


Area 55


Area 200 Sq. mt.
Seating capacity 35 Students
Racks and Shelves Available
Revolving stand for skiagram NA
CT Scan + MRI NA
Trolly Tables NA
X- ray view box 4
Attached Rooms 2
Catalogues 3
Specimens 164
Charts and Models 100
X- rays 52


Area 30
Books Number 151
  (69 Repeated + Actual 82)
  Capacity - 12 Students


Professor and HOD 20 sq.m
Associate Professor 1 (20 Sq.m each)
Assistant Professor 3 2 ( 12 Sq.m each)
Tutor 1 (15 Sq.m each)
Departmental office cum clerical room 1 (12 Sq.m each)
Working accommodation for non -teaching staff 1 (15 Sq.m each)


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